Business Services - Item #28027  Business Valuations - Anywhere in US or Canada

Business Valuations - Anywhere in US or Canada

BUSINESS VALUATION for less than $1,000

Helping Buyers and Sellers Understand Value

Sellers: have a defense with a list of reasons to support asking price
Buyers: understand what you are buying and why the price is fair or not
Growth: understand where the value is in your business so you can focus your growth on areas that are increasing in value
Value for Divorce: you and your lawyer may want an inexpensive insight to help you negotiate
Insurance Needs: how much insurance do you really need?
Tax Needs: produce a list of reasons to support a position
Loans: present a clear picture to your lender of the assets your company owns; you may need clear identification of intellectual property and list of supporting reasons. You need to prove that hard assets represent only part of your value.

Valuation Explanation
     People assume a buyer will be able to understand what they are selling and how profitable your business is, based upon balance sheets and profit and loss statements. NOT SO MUCH. Most people do not understand financial documents. They will think you are not making much money. Financial documents and tax returns are (or should be) prepared to show your business making the least amount of money possible; thereby enabling you to pay the least amount of tax possible. NOT EXACTLY THE SORT OF THING THAT WILL IMPRESS A BUYER. This is why MOST PEOPLE need a common sense VALUATION. We take the information from your financials and find the TRUE NORMALIZED NET INCOME OF YOUR BUSINESS to show a prospective buyer what is really happening in your business when the tax considerations are taken away.
     All of this is done in a way that ordinary people can understand; ordinary people like the buyer, the buyer’s spouse, a financial backer or a banker.

Recent Value Reports include a Cheese Factory in Canada, 2 Bagel Stores in New York near Manhattan and an Excavating Business in the Canadian oilfields.


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