Books - Item #32839  You can turn $300 barter into $900 cash! POSTPAID!
You can turn $300 barter into $900 cash! POSTPAID!

How YOUR CUSTOMERS can make $24 each hour in any casino!!


This bestselling gambling manual is "You Can Earn $12-$24 Each Hour Playing Casino Craps!" You can make a lot of cash money selling these large 206 page books to your customers for $20 each! Now, you can get a full box of 60 of these life changing technical manuals for just $300 - 100% Barter - ALL POSTPAID - No cash outlay! You’ll be buying 60 books for $5 each 100% barter (total $300)  and selling them for up to $20 each CASH (total $1200) - all postpaid! You make $900 cash from a $300 barter investment!

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