Travel Policies

BarterFirst International


  • Please fax completed Travel Request form to 407-478-3228. Credit cards are necessary to confirm reservations. Your card will be used at your destination for taxes, amenities and resort fees, trade will be deducted from your account for the room only. Your signed travel form authorizes BarterFirst to use your credit card to confirm your reservation and all cash charges that will apply.
  • Flexibility is the Key! We are frequently asked to check “availability” of a particular property. Not all properties are members of a trade exchange. Reservations may go through a third party, which can cause delays in confirming a reservation. Reservation requests going through a third party could take up to ten (10) days or more depending on the time frame and location.
  • Once a reservation is confirmed, it is considered non-cancelable. Please be certain all your travel information is correct before your reservation is placed. In the event of an emergency, please contact us, if we are able to change or cancel a confirmed reservation a $25 cash fee will be charged.
  • Please do not contact the hotels directly to make reservations. Our reservations are made with management and are confirmed at the sole discretion of the property managers, not Front Desk Employees or Hotel Reservations. Reservations made directly with a hotel will be treated as cash bookings that cannot be converted to trade. If you check availability or rates with the hotel staff directly, it does not mean that the rooms are available on trade or at the rate you have been given. Hotels maintain “Black Out” dates for holiday’s and special events.
  • In addition to your usual account transaction fees, there is a cash booking fee charged on all confirmed reservations. NOTE: Member fees must be current for us to process a travel request
  • BarterFirst is acquiring New Properties locally, nationally, and international to offer the best travel opportunities to our members. Always check with the travel department for the most accurate information.

BarterFirst International Travel Department
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